If you have a moment please check out the following film animation short. Not quite Fantasia. This is a copy of the new edited ten-minute film animation that we’ve been working on for over three years now. Photographs with travels through Canada and the United States in the last 35 years. Thanks, Jonathan seriously. If I had known it was going to be such a hard detailed project I wouldn’t have asked for your help. We added several more animation sequences and sped up the film┬áspeed. I think it’s an improvement over the original animated film that we had been working on. The music sounds truly wonderful (heartfelt and precise), the nature sounds are whimsical and the photographs turned out sharp with the depth of field in mind. The animation sequences turned out really well and life-like. I think it’s finished (finally). It’s how I had envisioned it. Disney quality. We have another 40-minute version with this film that we’re editing and it should be ready to view in the next week or so, lots more photographs and the music score is longer. This is a concept film combining photography, film editing, music, and detailed animation sequences. I hope you enjoy it. Originally we had a longer 60-minute version with this film. This is our ten-minute concept. I think this works. Have to love the technology with this. Thanks to Jonathan and Alexandria. Peace.

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