Welcome to the website for Grant Keltner. I’d like to note that I’m currently in the middle of updating my website with new content, including new short stories from my three books of short stories, my newer paintings and photographs. This updating should be finished by the end of May 2024.

I’m currently involved with website development, photography, painting, graphic design, illustration, layout design, cartooning, creative writing, publishing and other artistic endeavors.

I’m well versed with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, as well as working with WordPress (Including programing with PHP, C++, and CSS) in creating dynamic websites. I’m familiar with both the Macintosh and Window operating systems and have provided creative services for several companies located in the Pacific Northwest. I have a background with teaching website development and creative software at both Portland Community College and Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Through the years I have provided graphic design and branding, photography, website development and layout design too several companies located in the Portland metro area. I’ve also worked in providing journalism photography (Northwest Examiner, Willamette Week, OMSI Winter Lights) to local newspapers and magazines working with both Nikon and Fugi digital cameras.

Please feel free to view the following pages that will give you current information with my education, work experience, and also show you samples with some of the websites, graphics, illustrations, paintings, sketches and photography that have been created through the years.

This website also contains links that will allow you to purchase my books of short stories entitled, “Portland Tales” and “Rose City Tales” You can purchase this collection of memoirs that includes several short stories written by Grant Keltner. The books (available in softbound, hardbound and e-book format) can be found through Annie Bloom’s Bookstore, Broadway Book Store, Rose City Book Pub, Powell’s Bookstore, AuthorHouse , Amazon and Barnes and Noble. “Portland Tales” was recently accepted in all the public libraries in Multnomah County and Clark County in S.W. Washington. Quite an honor indeed!

I also have the ability to allow viewers with my website to buy individual (12″x18″, 18″x 24″, high-resolution prints of my photography and artwork.) You can notify me online with ordering through the shopping carts provided with my photography and paintings.. I can also easily print and send other sizes of my original photography and original artwork for people to purchase. Other sizes upon request. Please note the “Product” menu tab that will allow you to preview all work. I also have “Paintings for Sale” that include LED technology. Paintings and photographs can be printed at most standard sizes upon request.

I recommend Pro Photo Supply and Willamette Blueprint with online printing service:

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